The Sungenius Solar Rusk Drying Oven™

Now available as a Hybrid Solar/Electrical Drying Appliance

* Dry only from the sun (cheapest)
* Dry solar/electrically in cloudy conditions (very quick)
* or dry electrically at only a tenth of a normal oven cost (convenient)


Duel action solar thermal heat collection®
Direct and indirect solar heating 
Mass air replacement 


You do not have to dry your rusks in an open oven at 90ºC anymore

The solar drying oven will save you a fortune on your rusk drying bills

Take your rusks outside, free up your kitchen and let the sun dry it for free 

Dry anything else, fruit, vegetables, herbs, leathers, nuts, even biltong and more

New innovation changing the traditional way

Find out what we have learnt about drying rusks from the sun, as it might save you a fortune too
Nobody can compete with our rusk prices, as we have an almost non existent electricity bill

  • The mini solar dryer will dry your rusks, fruit, veggies and herbs at almost no cost
  • Works perfectly for drying biltong, just keep the dryer out of the sun. A biltong hanging grid is a standard fit. 
  • It can take up to 6 rusk drying racks
  • There is no solar panel as the oven dries your food directly from solar thermal energy: Max 600w output
  • The air circulation is generated by a high volume 220v extractor fan
  • Drying box dimensions: 600 x 500 x 500mm
  • Insect repellent grid covering all openings
  • The steel welded case is solid and the aluminium sheets are lightweight for easy handling
  • Wheels make solar tracking easy
  • Transparent collector top and back as well as the door are covered with unbreakable, UV protected poly carbonate sheet
  • The drying oven will increase the ambient temperature by 15 to 20°C
  • If the ambient temperature is 35°C the temperature in the oven will be 50 to 55°C
  • The temperature can be manipulated by manipulating the oven towards or away from the sun
  • Interesting fact about drying foodstuffs: The volume and speed of the air replacement has a much bigger effect on drying foodstuffs than the temperature of the air
  • We dry our rusks during the night as well without adding any heat, as the low temperature makes no difference in the taste or texture of the end product. You do not need a high temperature to dry rusks.

These ovens are all hand made, with less than 5% imported materials

We teach unique and rare skills to unemployed youth, who work in the manufacturing facility


Choose any of the two mini solar drying ovens

  •  Solar Only: R2300.00 PLUS high volume electrical fan, 4 rusk drying racks and a biltong rack
  • Solar/Electrical: R2800.00 with a 200w electrical element a high volume electrical fan plus 4 rusk drying racks and a biltong rack

The mini and mini+ are an exact, but smaller replica of our patent pending walk in commercial solar rusk dryer.

Its duel action drying capacity is highly impressive as we can dry up to 250kg rusks in a day in a 3 x 2 x 2 cube from only the sun.