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My wife Erika and I are passionate solar chefs. Over the years we got more and more frustrated with inferior and unpractical solar cooking appliances. We, therefore, devoted our time to find out why solar cooking is not a popular activity in our sun-drenched country.

Many reasons could be found and many arguments could be made, but there is one thing that could not be disputed: 

None of all the available solar cookers, here and internationally, can compete with gas and electrical household appliances for quality, convenience and style.

Our flagship, the SunGenius Patio Solar Oven, is certainly a very strong competitor. The commercial application in our solar bakery and the ongoing research to use the ovens in solar restaurants, indicate the power of solar thermal and photo voltaic combined in one appliance

Our vision of leaving behind a solar cooking nation, has been made possible by this amazing technology. Whether you start by just drying your rusks in the Mini Solar Drying Oven or whether you take the step to cook and bake in the luxury Hybrid Patio Solar Oven, you will most probably look at the power of the sun differently. 

We invite you to participate in our journey and who knows, you might just be so impressed with this new lifestyle that  you too experience the freedom, independence and good sun cooked and baked food that is our passion for the past 35 years. 

We’re looking forward to hear from you soon.

Johan & Erika

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