Sungenius Product Orders

Patio Solar Oven (Comfort) Solar Only R3500.00 

Patio Solar Oven (Delux) Solar/Electrical R3999.00 
Patio Solar Oven (UV protected cover)  R250.00

Stand up thermometer (Stainless steel) R100.00
Patio Solar oven (Aluminium Double Rusk Baking Pan) Top and bottom R300.00
Patio Solar Oven rusk drying racks R150.00 (hold up to three racks, 50x430x300mm)

Solar Dryer Mini (Solar Only) R2300.00 plus 4 drying racks (hold up to 6 racks 50x550x450)
Solar Dryer Mini (Solar/Electrical) R2800.00 plus 4 drying racks included
Solar Dryer Mini extra drying racks R200.00 (550mmx450mm)
Solar Dryer Mini UV protected cover R250.00

We courier all products countrywide with Thecourierguy. 
Patio Solar Oven courier cost = R500.00
Mini Solar Dryer courier cost = R450.00