Sungenius Product Orders

Patio Solar Oven (Comfort) Solar Only R3500.00 
Patio Solar Oven (Delux) Solar/Electrical R3999.00 
Patio Solar Oven (Cover)  R200.00

Stand up thermometer (Stainless steel) R100.00
Patio Solar Oven (Set of 5 non stick pots) R400.00

Patio Solar oven (Aluminium Rusk Baking Pan) Top and bottom plus two rusk drying racks R400.00
Sungenius Solar Dryer Mini (Solar Only) R1999.00 plus 4 drying and a biltong rack
Sungenius Solar Dryer Mini (Solar/Electrical) R2500.00 plus 4 drying and a biltong rack 

We courier all products countrywide with Thecourierguy. 
Patio Solar Oven courier cost = R500.00
Mini Solar Dryer courier cost = R450.00