The SunGenius Patio Solar Oven

A new lifestyle in the making

The old wool shed had to be transformed into a solar oven manufacturing unit.

Although we are almost a 1000km away from most suppliers, we managed to overcome all manufacturing challenges. To our surprise, some raw materials could be delivered locally at lower prices, which provides us with a very competitive manufacturing cost

Young people are being sourced and trained in skills not available in our area. 

These ovens are the result of dedicated solar cooking for more than 30 years and it can now effectively compete with other household appliances for quality, convenience and style

It will cook and bake your favourite meal at no extra cost

Just a few facts about this stunning solar cooker

  • Cook or bake almost anything you can think of 

  • Up to 175°C from the sun only 

  • Electrical backup (by choice) – you can even cook from a small inverter and a battery 

  • Manufactured in South Africa

Your Patio Solar Oven Includes

8 year UV protection guarantee

12 months manufacturing guarantee

The Patio Solar Oven forms the basis of our commercial solar rusk bakery

but here are some other popular household uses for the oven

Baking and Drying rusks

The major cost in baking rusks is in the drying process. Your solar oven will dry it perfectly and at no extra cost. Just open the rusk drying vents to allow a natural circulation of dry hot air

Solar cooked pap

Pap cooked in a solar oven is different. It can cook for hours and will never burn. Every body knows, the longer you cook pap the better it becomes. Add all the ingredients, put it in the oven and relax.

Baking Bread

You will love the bread baked in a solar oven. The new features and the higher temperatures are perfect for a solar baked potbrood.  


Compared to the traditional way, cooking a potjie in the Patio Solar Oven  often gets better results as the heat is distributed more evenly and will never burn the food

Round small


Leg of lamb, eisbein, lamb rib or any stew that needs to cook for long periods of time

Home cooked Jam

The oven is a simple, easy and cheap alternative for cooking jams and bottled foods

Specialty dishes

Cook your favourite meal in the pot of your choice. You will be surprised at the options you have


Sterilize bottles