If only the sun could burn away ignorance...

Here you will be offered a micro business opportunity based on a simple strategy to earn a decent income directly from solar energy

It consists of two components




The sun, as the power source

The sun is, without doubt, the most reliable and abundant natural resource throughout South Africa. It averages more than 2500 hours of sunshine per year of which 2000 hours are available for making money.

For only R5000 once off

Earn R20 per hour profit  = R40 000 per year or R3 333 per month 

Or R8000 once off

Earn R50 per hour = R100 000 per year or R8 300 per month


The sun offers unlimited opportunity - It's up to you how much you can absorb

You, the operator

The business does not focus on savings from solar energy


It focuses on putting money in your pocket on a daily basis

This micro business is not for everyone, but if you can answer
“yes” to the following 5 questions,

we will give you access to the detailed electronic presentation for evaluation