The SunGenius Hybrid Patio Solar Oven (photovoltaic cooking)

A South African manufactured solar oven on wheels that can cook at night

Solar cooker on wheels, solar oven

  • Inside area is roughly 55 x 33cm and big enough to cook for up to 15 people
  • It can be stored outside in all weather conditions and is always ready to use
  • The clear hinged lid is almost unbreakable, designed to prevent heat loss due to strong winds.
  • The stainless lid protects your oven in all weather conditions while adding additional reflection for up to 20% more heat
  • It can reach temperatures of up to 160°C in summer and 140°C in winter.
  • It operates as a slow cooker and an ideal cooker for potjies, stews and pap.

Electrical solar cooking

The low wattage element is ideal for cooking in cloudy conditions. If you charge batteries from PV and invert the stored solar power back to 220°C, you will be able to solar cook whenever you want in all weather conditions.

The convenience it provides and the peace of mind of being able to always finish your meal, is what makes the SunGenius Patio Solar Oven the next step to a New Solar Cooking Lifestyle.

R2400.00 Ovenphotovoltaic drying, Sonkrag kook, solar dryer south africa

Including electrical element, thermometer and free membership on our “Sungenius Solar Chef” Whatapp group. 

Black enamel cooking pots R150 extra

You will not only get the ultimate convenience in solar cooking, you will become part of our solar cooking community