SolaBake - Changing the face of small business in Africa

A solar oven can generate a net profit of R3000/month, surpassing the minimum wage in South Africa

If 4 of these ovens are installed and operated as a mobile solar bakery, the income goes up to more than R10 000 per month while having free solar electricity in the house.

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Mobile Solar bakery

The Patio Solar Oven predecessor was extensively tested in communities as a micro business. By baking and selling baked products in the immediate surroundings, a minimum profit of R10 000/month can be generated. 

The new Patio Solar Oven works even better and totally changes the face of the bakery to a very impressive and upmarket small business.

SunGenius manufactures the ovens and trailers, but the funding, training and mentoring of the bakery are handled by our sister non-profit company, SolaFundi.


SolaFundi is a non-profit company which identifies, trains and mentor new bakery owners. The training includes, comprehensive small business training, SolaBiz, Solabake, SolaSales and SolaTech. This is complimented by lifestyle training like, SolaCook, SolaBasics, MySola and others 

The bakery owner also becomes our representative in the community for all our other solar related products.

  • SunGeyza – A solar geyser for people without electricity and running water

  • Solar Ovens

  • Solar PV home systems

  • Solar appliances like: solar kettles, solar irons, fans, solar lights, chargers and more

  • The bakery owner operates daily in the eye of the public, which is ideal for basic solar information and after service

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