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We belief that poor communities should work together for change. An entire neighborhood should be empowered and transformed. Instead of doing things for people, we belief in doing things with people. They have to become a block of hope community and building equity in the community. Money should pour in, not out.

With a lasting change in mind, we need to change a system and break a cycle of poverty on a national basis,

SunGenius cellphone charging stations

Charging cellphones cheaply has become a huge challenge for people living in under served areas. A unique partnership with SMME’s to charge cellphones has led to the SunGenius SunCharge. Everyone can come and just plug in a phone to charge for a small amount.

SunGenius home based solar bakeries

cheap solar geysers for farm workers

Currently we’re testing a solar home based baking business in Refilwe near Cullinan. By using direct sunlight as well as battery power from PV panels, the family manages to solar bake every day and earn a sustainable living.

SunGeyza and SolaGeyza

It was the community efforts to heat up minimal quantities of water on a suffocating smoking fire, that made an everlasting impression on us.  The only fuel source they can afford and readily have access to is wet wood from the surrounding environment.

Something had to be done – solar water heater for people without basic services

SunGenius solar water heaters, the SunGeyza™, as a part of our solar solutions for Africa, was specifically developed for people living in informal settlements. This patent pending solar water heater provides affordable and convenient running hot water either inside or outside the house, while cutting out wood, paraffin, gas and electricity for heating up water.

Our dedication to find a practical solution paid off, as the SunGeyza™ can now be placed at almost any structure and provides the household with running hot water inside the house.

New Developments


The SunGeyza will soon be available to the leisure market. It is a huge upgrade from the flimsy “Camp Shower” to a heavy duty solar camp shower appliance that will probably last a lifetime. Unique features being that the geyser is all round insulated, a 12v water pump can be put inside the geyser and the tap can be replaced if needed.

Hybrid solar

The SolaGeyza™ is currently being tested and heats up water while charging batteries at the same time. One device that provides up to 25 liters of running hot water and 40 watts of electrical power charging a battery for lights, small appliances and phones.


Our current small scale manufacturing plant also serves as a product development and testing station. The mass manufacturing facility for the SolaGeyza is already in an advanced stage. It will ensure quality products to meet our warranty requirements. As we work with a soft and lightweight product, preference are given to woman in the manufacturing and offset fields.

“Just fill it”

Find out how a SunGeyza™ works

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