If the Weber Braai had no wheels, how many would they have sold?

If you could only use your Weber braai during daytime, how popular would it be?

Sonkrag kook dag en nag

Solar stove on wheels, solar oven with electrical element, after hours solar cooking

Nobody pays for inconvenience

Solar Cooking Inconvenience

In my opinion, this is the main reason why solar cookers is not a commonly used household appliance

Solar box cookers

Of all the different types of solar cookers, a solar box cooker is the best suited to be fitted with an electrical element and wheels. It is therefore the only solar cooker that can compete with other household appliances for convenience to be able to establish a new solar cooking lifestyle.

Solar cooked food is special

We love solar cooked food, the bread, pap, the ability to cook beetroot, potatoes and eggs without water. The benefits of slow cooking and the difference in taste has become the main force behind our solar cooking lifestyle.Solar cooking recipes south africa

Solar Cooking makes friends

When I tell my guests that the bread they’re eating was baked from the sun, it always create massive interest. A sudden awareness of free sunshine, a place next to their braai area for a solar oven

Solar Cooking opens eyes

To me and my wife, solar cooking has become a lifestyle. We currently solar cook once a week and my favourite meal is an old fashioned potjie with meat and vegetables. Ok, bread and pap too and after 30 years of solar cooking, the results still surprises me.

You too will love the food you cook and be blown away by the impressiveness and convenience of the solar cooking technology.

Solar cooker on wheels/solar oven with wheelsConvenience isSolar oven on wheels/solar cooker with wheels, solar cooking south africa crucial

We added an electrical element and two wheels,
So you can become a dedicated solar chef too

cook in style, cook indoors, after hours and on rainy days

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