How the abundance of sunshine can sustain entire communities

With innovative ideas, solar provides freedom that people could only dream of

Our SolaBake mobile bakery creates a disruptive direct solar economy

We’re making good products better, cheaper and more efficient to be able to disrupt the market and create growth.

By baking muffins, cookies and many other popular products, the bakery owner sells his baked products in the community, while the  bakery provides free solar electricity in the house. Hybrid solar oven technology,  makes it possible to bake in temperatures as high as 180°C from the sun only. Going solar is an expensive exercise, but if it can pay for itself, while providing a household with a sizable daily income, it becomes a very attractive investment and social solution. Business partnerships, mentoring. electronic protection, vehicle tracking and insurance increase the success possibility of the bakery.

SunGeyza and SolaGeyza

It was the community efforts to heat up minimal quantities of water on a suffocating smoking fire, that made an everlasting impression on us.  The only fuel source they can afford and readily have access to, is wet wood from the surrounding environment.

Something had to be done – solar water heater for people without basic services

SunGenius solar water heaters, the SunGeyza™, as a part of our solar solutions for Africa, was specifically developed for people living in informal settlements. The solar water heater provides affordable and convenient running hot water inside the house, while cutting out wood, paraffin, gas and electricity for heating up water.

New Developments


The SunGeyza will soon be available to the leisure market. It is a huge upgrade from the flimsy “Camp Shower” to a heavy duty solar camp shower appliance that will probably last a lifetime. Unique features being that the geyser is all round insulated’

Hybrid Solar

The SolaGeyza™ is currently being tested and heats up water while charging batteries at the same time. One device that provides up to 25 liters of running hot water and 40 watts of electrical power charging a battery for lights, small appliances and phones.


Our current small scale manufacturing plant also serves as a product development and research facility. The mass manufacturing plant for the Sun- and SolaGeyza is already in an advanced stage, which will ensure quality products to meet our warranty requirements.

Solar Training

Knowledge is power.
Knowledge is essential for change.
Our solar training partner, SolaFundi, is the knowledge base in south Africa for solar technologies to rise to the occasion.

Each bakery owner will become our representative
and solar expert for all these products
and appliances on your doorstep