SunGenius was born from the passion for social upliftment

The improvement of the standard of living for all people in South Africa remains a challenge. Vast numbers of the population living in informal areas and lack basic life necessities.

The Challenge

2 million households staying in informal areas without the ability to afford electricity, alternative means to improve their situation must be employed. One of the simple necessities is to have warm water for washing and cooking.

NO or limited piped supply.

Dependant on tankers, boreholes and stand pipes.

No electricity.

Energy sources expensive and where wood is used, time consuming.

Alternative heating methods dangerous.

Heated water not readily available and not at peak hours before school or after work.

Hesitancy by government to invest in infrastructure.

Negative to health and environment.

Clean, it’s safe
and a logical solution

A simple and affordable product, it allows a household to safely store water which, mounted against the shack or on a pole, can heat water to more than 55 degrees Celsius for cooking and washing. This holder can take up to 25 liters, more than enough for basic family needs a day, and reduces the need to heat water by fire or other means. Not only does it provide hot water for household purposes but it also provides a safe way to store water collected from tankers, boreholes or stand pipes.

How it works…

Mount the SunGeyza towards the sun.

Fill the SunGeyza with water.

Open the tap for hot water.

Order your SunGeyza today!

or sponsor someone or a community who do not have solar heated hot water.