SolaBake – The bakery that gives Africa Hope

Sungenius small business development initiative

Helping people to help themselves…

The Solabake trailer provides a useful daily income PLUS free solar electricity during night time
The bakery owner is also an agent for selling our solar ovens, solar geysers and home solar systems to his/her customers
Setup in minutes by only one person – easily moved around – follows the sun for optimal baking – no vehicle needed for towing

The SolaBake trailer is weather proof, insured, fitted with an alarm and our own online trailer tracking

SolaBake can be paid for in cash or financed, which includes business mentor and/or partnership. Full ownership is transferred after two years
SolaBake offers an excellent investment opportunity to investors – while doing good
Solabake is a South African initiative and 100% manufactured in South Africa

Sustainable solution

Savings alone does not pay for your solar investment, but if the solar investment becomes an income opportunity, jobs for the rest of the family, while gaining valuable business experience, you end up with a visible, sustainable solution.

mobile solar baking

Trailer equipment

  • secure storage for all equipment, work station and shade port
  • four hybrid solar ovens
  • solar panel
  • battery
  • solar controller
  • inverter
  • ingredient box
  • baking pans
  • shade port
  • vehicle tracking
  • electrical output for in house electrification
  • training and support