SolaBake – The bakery that gives Africa Hope

Changing the face of small businesses in townships

Helping people to help themselves…


The Solabake trailer provides a useful daily income PLUS free solar electricity during night time


The bakery owner is also an agent for selling our solar ovens, solar geysers and home solar systems to his/her customers


Setup in minutes by only one person – easily moved around – follows the sun for optimal baking – no vehicle needed for towing


The SolaBake trailer is weather proof, insured, fitted with an alarm, money safe and our own online trailer tracking


All Solabake trailers are financed at a flat rate of 1% per month, which includes business mentor and/or partnership. Full ownership is transferred after two years.


SolaBake offers an excellent investment opportunity to investors – while doing good


Solabake is a South African initiative and 100% manufactured in South Africa

Sustainable solution

Savings alone does not pay for your solar investment.

What if your solar investment is also a business, a job, a new life with free solar power and a plan for the future?

mobile solar baking

Trailer equipment

  • secure storage for all equipment, work station and shade port
  • four hybrid solar ovens
  • solar panel, battery, solar controller and inverter
  • ingredient box, baking pans
  • shade port
  • vehicle tracking, alarm and money safe
  • electrical output for in house electrification
  • training and support

Sell baked products, educate the community and
sell all our solar appliances:

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Each bakery owner will become our representative
and solar expert for all these products
and appliances on your doorstep