Sun Baked and Sun Dried Rusks and Cookies

A rural social innovation


Cooking from the sun has always been our passion, but it was a solar baking idea that changed our thinking.

  • The solar ovens that was normally used for cooking, only needed to be altered a little to make provision for solar baking

  • The solar ovens can be upgraded to bake in cloudy conditions and after sunset from stored energy

  • The traditional rusk pans needed to be redesigned slightly for solar baking

  • The solar baking process needed to undergo a totally new approach

  • A totally new marketing strategy was developed

The good news is that all of the above is now sorted out and the first two projects are off the ground. The first ever solar baked rusks are being sold and customers love it.

We have a solar cooking enthusiast, Johan van Wyk as a mentor who is also fulltime involved in the design and manufacturing of solar cookers specifically for the African market.

How does it work?

We train individuals in rural areas to start a solar baking business. They are allowed to sell their products directly and we undertake to buy access or everything to be sold on their behalf.

Rusks and cookies are a dry product with a longer shelf life. It can be stored, stockpiled and sold in bulk.

No electricity, gas or firewood are being used in the process, which allows for a lower selling price. More people might be able to afford the already expensive rusks on the shelves.

Income possibilities

With an abundance of sunshine throughout  the year we estimate that an equivalent of the minimum wage can be earned with only two ovens and a capital outlay of less than R6000.

Developments in process

  • Minimum requirements for hygiene and product quality are being set

  • Providing small businesses with cheaper basic ingredients from large suppliers

  • Local government involvement

  • Investment opportunities

  • New product developments

  • Retail industry involvement

  • Funding

  • Website development – is in the development process

  • Infrastructure development


Solarusk is driven and managed by Dr Erika du Plessis and Lista Mokolo

Please contact us via email: