The SunGenius Tube Grillsolar cooking south africa

This technology is revolutionising solar cooking around the world.
The vacuum between the tubes prevent heat loss, which makes it a perfect insulator for solar cooking.

Manufactured by hand from Kiaat wood, stainless steel and aluminium
The bag is manufactured from durable outdoor material, lined out
on the inside for ultimate protection and convenience

The polished stainless parabolic reflectors does not only protect the tube, but also drastically increases the temperature inside the tube to more than 200°C

  • Tube dimensions: outside 128mm, inside 107mm length 660mm
  • Made of borosilicate glass especially for solar cooking
  • Temperature 200°C plus
  • The food grade silicon seal protects and seals the tube opening
  • The tube can easily be removed for easy cleaning

R1500.00 Oven
R500.00 Bag

Including a thermometer and a set of aluminium cooking trays


The SunGenius Hybrid Tube Grill

If the sun does not shine, just plug it in and use it as an electrical oven or both.

R1900.00 Oven
R500.00 Bag

Including electrical element, a thermometer and a set of aluminium cooking trays