Solar cooking in rural Africa

For many years governments, NGO’s, companies and individuals dumped all sorts of cheap, flimsy and inconvenient solar and clean burning appliances on the African continent. After all these years very little can be shown as solar cooking and clean cooking is almost nonexistent in Africa and is far from becoming a new lifestyle.

This does not take the need away for workable solutions.

Extensive research has been done in this field and our solution for solar cooking in rural Africa is a direct result of these search results. The risks experienced by people in rural areas, is a major contributor to failure especially for solar cooking as it is an outside activity.

Built-in Solar Oven

Sungenius spent tree years on the development and market validation of a built in solar oven for low cost housing, especially in rural areas. A solar oven built into a north facing wall of a house would eliminate all the frustrations of solar cooking, but we had to let it go for the following reasons.

  • It would have been too expensive.
  • It can not be built into all houses because of building structure and regulations
  • All the houses do not have a north facing wall
  • Many houses in rural areas are shaded by trees

Pole mounted solar oven

A pole mounted solar oven would not nearly be as convenient as a built in solar oven, but it would not have any of the above mentioned disqualifications. We see a pole mounted solar oven as the best option for rural areas for the following reasons.

  • It is affordable and convenient
  • It might last a lifetime
  • It is the same product and quality as solar ovens sold to high income families
  • The oven is always ready to cook when the sun is shining
  • Backup electricity is easy to install
  • It eliminates the risks indicated in research
  •  It follows the sun for optimal cooking results
  • It provides a visible proof to sponsors that the ovens are actually in use
  • It makes it easier for carbon credit evaluation if needed

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