Solar oven on Wheels

If the Weber Braai had no wheels, how many would they have sold?

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Solar cooking inconvenience

As I have said on my About page, I became increasingly more impatient with poorly designed and inconvenient products. Even today, as I look at solar ovens and solar cookers worldwide, it is as if the penny has not dropped yet.

Solar cooker on wheels/Solar cooking in South Africa

Solar cooking convenience


This is how I solar cooked until recently

This is how I solar cook now.


A solar cooker with wheels – a must if we want to keep a newcomer to solar cooking interested in this technology.

Electricity – 24/7 solar cooking

The second convenient feature we added came from the solar geyser industry. When solar geysers were fitted with electrical elements to serve as a backup for rainy days, it became a multi billion dollar business overnight.

Although this backup is rarely used in a country like South Africa, it is very convenient to have. You do not want your wife to tell you the water is cold.

During my almost 30 years of solar cooking, It occasionally happened that I had to take the pots out of my solar oven and put it on the gas stove to complete the cooking. Now I can just plug my solar oven into the grid and  continue cooking. When the sun comes out again, I can just switch it off .

The low wattage element is also ideal for cooking from your stored battery power. That way you can solar cook 24/7

Solar Cooking Pots

Solar cooking requires black cooking pots. Black attracts the sun rays, white reflects. Not many people have the right pots for solar cooking, so we added an ideal set of black solar oven pots for your convenience.


Wind is one of the biggest treads of solar cooking. The design of the Sungenius  solar ovens minimizes the effects of wind.

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