Our current solar oven, will be replaced by the convenient and stylish
SunGenius Hybrid Patio Solar Oven on 1 May 2019

Still the world,s ONLY solar cooker on wheels 

Features you will love about your new solar oven

The SunGenius solar oven will cook tonight’s meal, while your’e still at work
Making it easy to become a dedicated solar cook while influencing your friends too
You will be able to showcase your solar oven and the food you cook
Weatherproof, can stay outdoors day and night
Can cook from the sun only, electricity only or both, it can even cook from a 12V battery
All round insulated, even the lid, keeping your food hot till hours after cooking
100% manufactured in South Africa

You can not braai in your solar oven, but it will cook pap and all other side meals perfectly every time

When you buy a SunGenius Patio Solar Oven, you do not only take the next step towards energy independence, 
you also assist someone to start a micro mobile solar bakery.

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