Launching 1 August 2019

Stylish Off Grid Solar Cooking in South Africa

The SunGenius Patio Solar Oven

You will be impressed and love the food you're cooking

R3 999 including VAT and FREE countrywide delivery

  • The Sungenius Patio Solar Oven will compliment your braai with even more luxury and cooking options
  • If you are impressed by your solar geyser, this oven will add even more confidence about the power of the sun
  • If you bake rusks at home, you will love the savings and drying options your solar oven offers
  • Enjoy state of the art hybrid technology, cook or bake from the sun only, electricity only or both
  • With a double, almost unbreakable transparent lid, maximum temperatures are reached
  • The adjustable reflective lid can be further manipulated to focus its reflection directly on the pots 
  • Convenient sun orientation and solar timer – you will be able to easily track and monitor your cooking process
  • If you prefer to do things differently, the Patio Solar Oven offers you unparalleled quality, convenience and style
  • Your should be prepared to handle the compliments from colleagues, family and friends
  • Solar entry size:  700mm x 535mm
  • Lid Reflection size: 730mm x 540mm concave adjustable 
  • Cooking platform size: 480mm x 350mm 
  • Automatic electrical cut off: 170°C from a 200W element
  • Max temperature in summer from the sun only: 170°C
  • Max temperature in winter from the sun only: 150°C
  • The high temperature inside the oven is reached at a very impressive rate due to the size, design and features added.
  • All the parts in the solar oven can be replaced if needed 

Made in South Africa

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