Changing the face of small business in Africa


The SolaBake is a non registered trailer that cannot be towed by a vehicle, while being pinned down in a specific area. It includes 4 hybrid solar ovens, bakery equipment, solar hot water geyser, solar panel, battery, inverter, vehicle  tracker and alarm.

The SolaBake provides an opportunity to earn an income by day from selling baked goods and power the house or subsidies electricity consumption from the accumulated solar power by night. The SolaBake has the potential of earning R10 000 profit on a monthly basis from baked products only. This income can be topped up from selling all our other solar products on offer. The trailer folds up securely when not in use while providing the household with free solar energy during night time.



Sungenius provides community solar training initiated by each bakery owner. 

The training includes comprehensive business training, SolaBake, SolaSales and Solatech. Our community Solar Lifestyle training includes, Solacook, Solabake, Solajam, Solabasics, Mysola and Soladry for the drying of fruit and vegetables.

Bakery Responsibilities

The bakery owner also becomes our representative in the community for all our other solar related products.

  • SunGeyza – A solar geyser for people without electricity and running water

  • Solar Ovens

  • Solar PV home systems

  • Solar appliances like: solar kettles, solar irons, fans, solar lights, chargers and more

  • The bakery owner operates daily in the eye of the public, which is ideal for basic solar information and after service