Solar cooking research in South Africa

Solar cooking is old and proven technology. The question can be asked: why is it not commonly used in rural Africa? 

My 30 year experience in solar cooking was widely influenced and complimented by the attached research reports done by different entities over an extended time period. The solutions we came up with, were well thought trough and the results of pilot testing indicates that the Pole Mounted Solar oven with a quality first world product is the way to go.

A built-in solar oven, making indoor solar cooking possible, would have been the ultimate solution for solar cooking convenience. The cost thereof, the building structures and orientation of houses towards the sun, seemed to be the main disqualifications. The SunGenius Pole Mounted Oven proved to be the answer and our pilot study showed that it has the potential of becoming a new lifestyle. 

By studying these reports, two things stand out:

Mamelody Pilot Study

  • Inferior products
  • Inconvenience

These are the two aspects we focused on. 

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1999 solar cooking research