Patio Solar Oven Hybrid

Patio Solar Oven Hybrid

R4,400.00 R3,999.00



a FREE thermometer and electrical cord are included with each Patio Solar oven (Hybrid) 

Features you will love about the SunGenius Patio Solar Oven

  • The Sungenius Patio Solar Oven is the ultimate appliance used to establish a new solar cooking lifestyle in South Africa
  • Your first impression will be: “Quality, Convenience and Style”
  • The safest solar oven you will ever buy – Ideal to teach kids about the power of the sun and how to cook from solar
  • Electrical backup – you can even cook from a small inverter and a battery (200W electrical element)
  • Cook for up to 15 people at once
  • All weather design. You can leave your oven outside in all weather conditions
  • Double, almost unbreakable transparent lid keeps the heat in
  • All round insulation. Close the lid and the oven will keep your food warm for hours
  • The curved reflective upper lid increases the temperature inside the oven with up to 20°C. It can also be manipulated to focus its reflection directly on specific pots
  • Two convenient and practical vents, which let moist air out while sucking in dry air for rapid drying of rusks
  • Solar entry size:  700mm x 535mm
  • Concave lid Reflection size: 700mm x 535mm
  • Cooking platform size: 480mm x 350mm
  • Total weight: 21kg
  • Max temperature in summer from the sun only: 175°C
  • Max temperature in winter from the sun only: 155°C
  • All the parts in the solar oven can be replaced if needed
  • The stand can be taken off and dissembled if needed
  • UV protection: 8 year guarantee on base and lid
  • Manufactured in south Africa


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