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The SunGenius Patio Solar Oven

Patio Solar Oven Comfort – works from the sun only – Will cook any meal in bright sunlight, but might fail in cloudy conditions and with certain baked products like rusks. R3500.00

Patio Solar Oven DeLux – solar/electric – will cook and bake difficult recipes under unfavourable weather conditions. Pre-heat your oven, start cooking earlier in the morning and carry on later in the afternoon. It is the convenience that impresses the most. R3999.00

Features you will love about you Patio Solar oven

  • Max temperature in summer 175°C from the sun only:
  • Max temperature in winter from the sun only: 155°C
  • Cook or bake for up to 15 people at once
  • All weather design. You can leave your oven outside in all weather conditions
  • Double, almost unbreakable transparent lid for maximum insulation
  • All round insulation. Close the lid and the oven will carry on cooking or keep your food warm for hours
  • The curved reflective upper lid can be manipulated to focus its reflection directly on specific pots 
  • Two convenient and practical vents, which let moist air out while sucking in dry air for rapid drying of rusks
  • Solar entry size:  700mm x 535mm
  • Concave lid Reflection size: 700mm x 535mm 
  • Cooking platform size: 480mm x 350mm
  • Total weight: 21kg
  • The stand can easily be removed and dissembled if needed
  • UV protection: 8 year guarantee on base and lid 
  • Manufactured in south Africa

A few of the most popular uses for the Patio Solar Oven

  • Baking and Drying rusks– The major costs in baking rusks is in the drying process. Your solar oven will dry it perfectly and at no extra cost. Just open the rusk drying vents to allow a natural circulation of dry hot air
  • Solar cooked pap– Pap cooked in a solar oven can cook for hours and will never burn. It is common knowledge, the longer you cook pap the better it becomes
  • Baking Bread – You will love the bread baked in the oven. The new features stabilizes the temperatures and browning is now possible even in winter
  • Potjiekos– Compared to the traditional way, cooking a potjie in the Patio Solar Oven  often gets better results as the heat is distributed more evenly and will never burn the food
  • Stews– Leg of lamb, eisbein, lamb rib or any stew that needs to cook for long periods of time
  • Bottling and Home cooked Jam – The oven is a simple, easy and cheap alternative for cooking jams and bottled foods
  • Sterilizing – Sterilize your glass bottles 
  • Defrost and hotbox– Defrosting anything and keeping food warm after cooking has become features a very handy and cost saving feature

An investment you will never regret

Your Patio Solar Oven Order Includes

A FREE thermometer 

5 year UV protection guarantee on the oven

12 months manufacturing guarantee

Patio Solar Oven cover R200



10 piece non-stick carbon  cookware set.
Black, thin walled pots are ideal and the see through lids make solar cooking even more exciting



2 piece aluminium rusk baking pan.




2 piece rusk drying set.

Whether you bake rusks for the family or the neighbourhood, you will experience significant savings and find these racks very handy 


Choosing between the Comfort and Delux