SunHeata Owners Manual 

General information

  • The SunHeata was specifically developed for households without electricity and/or running water.
  • The heater carries a two year material guarantee and a one year manufacturing guarantee.
  • The temperature of the water inside the heater generally depends on the quantity of water in the heater, the ambient temperature, cloud cover, the time exposed to the sun, the orientation of the heater towards the sun and how clean the black surface is kept.
  • As hot water always rises to the top, the water higher up in the heater will be hotter than the water at the lower end of the heater.
  • Although the heater has a certain degree of inconvenience compared to commercial solar water geysers, it is widely accepted by communities and provides substantial savings and a much cleaner environment in the areas it is intended for.
  • The maximum water temperature in the SunHeata will generally be lower than the equivalent maximum temperature in commercial solar water geysers.  The difference being that the SunHeata is only insulated on one side during the heating process and therefore more exposed to ambient temperature.
  • The insulation on the side not facing the sun, minimizes heat loss during the day and it keeps the water warm for longer if the front panel insulating is in position.
  • The average water temperature can be expected to be as high as 60°C.
  • The water temperature will generally be higher if the heater is manipulated to face the sun more directly.
  • South Africa can expect more than 300 cloudless days/year on average.

Operating the SunHeata

  • The SunHeata is movable. It must be taken outside the house to be hanged against a pole or side wall of the house facing the sun. In the evening it can be moved to provide convenient running water inside the house.
  • One meter wire is provided with each heater, which should be used to make hooks in and outside the house for the heater to be placed.
  • When the heater is put in the sun, the black panel must face the sun directly. The metal attachment on the side not facing the sun, must be put in position to orientate the heater away from the structure or pole to stabilize the heater at an angle towards the sun.
  • When the SunHeata is taken into the house, the heater should be placed the other way round with the tap conveniently in front. The water will stay warmer for longer inside the house as the ambient temperature in the house is generally higher than the outside temperature.
  • As the water higher up in the heater is always warmer than the water at the bottom, the water inside the heater can be mixed before use. By pushing a couple of times lightly against the front panel the hot and cold water will mingle and assure a more even water temperature inside the heater.
  • If the water is not mingled, the water from the tap will gradually become warmer as the warmer water reaches the tap. This is also a very useful safety feature, especially if smaller kids would open the tap and colder water comes out first.
  • The front insulating panel should be put in place when continuous cloudiness arises and before the sun sets.
  • The heater should be handled carefully and prevented from being damaged or cut by sharp objects, surfaces or edges.
  • The tap can be removed and replaced.