Solar Shack Geyser Installation  

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The installation of the Solar Shack Geyser might be tricky for some people, but our experience already showed that if only one geyser is installed in a community, the installation of others become a piece of cake. In fact, it is so simple that some “installers” in communities charge only R50.00 to install the geyser on behalf of others.

The installation procedure is also available on Whatsapp.

Before you install your shack geyser         

  • Choose a side of the house that gets the most sun throughout the year. North West is the best.

    solar hot water for shacks. Solar Shack geyser installation

  • The wider the overhanging roof, the lower the geyser should be installed on the wall. It might even be worthwhile cutting off some of the overhanging roof or bend it over to allow more sun on the geyser.
  • The less water, the warmer the water will become.
  • Your solar shack geyser is insulated on the side not facing the sun.
  • Keep the black area of the geyser clean for best results.
  • Cut a two liter plastic bottle to be used as a funnel for easy filling.

Assembly of the metal parts

Attach the three pieces of metal pipe by using the two solid rods. Place the triangle in the middle with the bent end of the triangle facing towards the red outlet end of the geyser as indicated

Straighten all the wires. Insert the straight wire through the loop as indicated below.

How to attach the wire with the bent ends

The U-shaped end of the wire goes into the open end of the pipe, stretching over the front end of the bag.

The S-shaped end is attached to the other end of the pipe. Let it slip over the bolt and fasten the wire with a washer and nut. Your geyser is now firmly attached to the metal structure.

Attaching your solar geyser to a wall

  • Choose an area on the outside wall of your house about 1.5 meters high where there are vertical support on the inside of the wall
  • Place the flat metal piece in a vertical position opposite the inside support with the bent end at the bottom and away from the zinc. Mark and punch the top and bottom holes by using the metal punch (included). Let someone push back from the inside of the house with a piece of wood when punching the holes through the zinc.

Slide a 6mm bolt through the middle top hole of the bag with the wire going over the bolt. The wire serves as support to carry the weight of the water.

Let the boult slide through the top hole of the flat bar and through the hole in the zinc. Fasten with a nut on the inside of the house.

The vinyl bag will now be hanging against the wall.

Orientate the bag in a horizontal position and mark the other four holes on the zinc. Punch the holes and fasten the bag with bolts, washers and nuts. Make sure the wire is above the bolts for support.

Pull the vinyl geyser away from the wall and insert the triangle hook into the hole in the bent flat bar. Your geyser is now securely in place and is mounted at an angle against the wall.

Solar hot water for shacks, sheds and shanties




Assembly of the outlet hoses and tap.

The hose should be pushed with force over the red outlet nipple
on the geyser and NEVER be “screwed” on.  

The outlet tap can be fitted either outside or inside the house

Outside fitting of the tap – The plastic tap should be fitted in the shade underneath the bag for long term UV protection.Safe drinking water for shacks

Two pieces of plastic hose are included which can be manipulated to mount the tap in a convenient and easy to access position. Use the short hose at the geyser outlet and do not cut it. It is already cut at the right length.

Improvise with the long hose and red plastic bends to find the best place to mount the tap. Tap a hole in the zinc just below the outlet from the geyser. Remember that you need gravity to get the water out. Tightly attach the 6mm round bar tap holder to the zinc. (It is the item next to the tap on the picture) Mount the tap securely on the tap holder by using the tap nipple.

Inside fitting of the tap

Sungenius solar geyser for shacks, running water for shacks

Two pieces of plastic hose are included which can be cut and manipulated to mount the tap in a convenient and easy to access position. Use the short hose at the geyser outlet and do not cut it. It is already cut at the right length.

Improvise by choosing a convenient area below the bag outlet and according the length of the hose. punch a hole and improvise further to make the hole bigger until the tap can be fitted. Measure, cut and assemble the hose and the two bends to connect the geyser outlet and the tap.

CAUSION – Be careful when attaching the hose to the outlet nipple in the bag. The best practice would be to assemble the hose from the tap backwards. Heat up the front end of the hose in hot water for easier and safer attachment.

Installation of bag (Night with front insulation)

The installation is the same as for the “day geyser” except that the 6 hooks included should be installed as the straight wire is inserted in the loop. These hooks hold the insulation cover in place during night time.



The other straight wire should be inserted in the far end loop of the insulation cover. it should now be possible to put the front cover securely in place to insulate the ShackShower in front as well. The two hooks on the insulation panel is to fold the cover in half and to keep it in place as a protection against strong wind

Installation of bag (indoor)

  • Insert the straight wire through the top loop on the bag. Hold the bag against the wall at a convenient height and mark the holes to be punched. Insert the bolts through the holes in the bag with the wire above for support. Be careful when handling the tap


For houses with running water, the installation can be manipulated to fill up the geyser by opening a tap instead of filling it with a mug by hand. solar hot water for shacks. Solar Shack geyser installation

Constructing two poles for a pole installation

Two treated poles are needed in the 50 to 70 mm thickness range

One of 1,5 m long for the horizontal mount and one of 1,8 m long to be planted 600 mm deep.

Construct the two poles in a “T” formation and fit the geyser with wood screws instead of zinc nuts and bolts.

Fit the geyser on the poles as explained above.


Fit the geyser on the poles in the same way as for a zinc installation. Just use wood screws.

Just fill up™ and enjoy your free hot water every day.

Please Contact us should you have any problems