SunGenius Solar Geyser Finance Policy

How to get a solar geyser for shacks?

  • A solar geyser for shacks can be sponsored in full by a family member, friend, NGO or an Employer. In this case the savings and benefits for the end user will be high and immediate.
  • It will soon be possible to finance a solar geyser for shacks. After pressure testing this idea in communities, it is now clear that the ultra low cost of our solar geysers for shacks will pay for themselves in less than 5 months. In fact, the cost of the geyser is so low and the water heating expenses and health risks in communities are so high, that even the installments on the fully financed option will be 50% less than current expenses to heat up water.

Finance options

  1. Fully financed
  2. A deposit of 30% and and monthly installments
  3. Stokvel and saving options

These three finance options are currently in the process of being finalized and will soon be communicated on our website.

As a social enterprise, it is our policy that end users should not be pushed into further poverty, but they should be protected them from extreme poverty and it’s effects on well-being.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the finance options, please get in contact

If you want to buy or sponsor a family please order here