SunGeyza Evaluation


The efficiency of ALL solar products depend on:

– The total number and the quality of sunshine hours it is exposed to
– The quality of the product and how well it is managed by the user

Most commercial solar geysers are insulated all around and the heated water is never directly in contact with the ambient temperature. During the heating process, the Sungeyza is only 50% insulated. This is the main reason why the SunGeyza will never reach temperatures as high as conventional geysers.

Running water and a solid housing structure are needed for the installation of conventional solar water geysers. These appliances are also well out of reach for many poor people unless it is subsidized by government.

Against this background the SunGeyza offers at R399 an affordable and practical solution for people who were until now, excluded from solar heated water.

The SunGeyza was continuously tested since July 2017

The water temperature in the geyser depends on:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Cloud cover or the number of sunny hours
  • Quantity of water in the geyser
  • The temperature of the water when it is poured into the geyser
  • Orientation of the geyser towards the sun
  • The angle of the sun (Difference between winter and summer)
  • How clean the black area is kept
  • The water in the bottom half of the geyser is not as hot as water in the top half of the geyser. The water needs to be mingled by pushing against the front panel if hotter water is needed
  • If the sun is not shining the water does not heat upThe challenge was to design a high quality geyser, which can heat up as much water as possible and then
    keeping it warm for as long as possible at an affordable price.
  • The SunGeyza is manufactured from durable, UV protected, specially manufactured vinyl. Up to 1000g/m²
  • The SunGeyza are insulated on the side not facing the sun to prevent the water from cooling down
    in the heating process.
  • When the sun sets, the front insulating panel needs to be put in place to be able to keep the water warm for longer.
  • Maximum winter temperature 55ºC
    Maximum summer temperature 70ºC

More effort should be put in to heat up water in winter. A little less water in the geyser and by orientating the geyser towards the sun, especially towards the afternoon, will ensure the best results.

Keeping all factors in mind, the SunGeyza offers a practical hot water solution to millions of people for about 300+ days per year.

“Just fill it”

SunGeyza is a South African innovation and 100% locally manufactured.

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