Corporate Social Responsibility with a twist

The SunGeyza™ offers

  • Up to 5 year visibility
  • Advertising in the black consumer market – right on their doorstep
  • A visible and colourful change in communities
  • A visible presence of your company in a community – from sunrise to sunset
  • Personalized, prominent and unique advertising while doing good
  • Your company colours, logos, slogans for everyone to see
  • Innovative enterprise development opportunities
  • Sustainable projects with added support from the carbon credit market
  • Personalized creativity for maximum exposure

It is not our intention to hand out geysers for free, but to create a powerful global community based sales force, where the community sell back advertising space and carbon credits for added sustainability.

Early investors may grab the “best advertising spots.” Those near highways and popular tourist routes. The chances are that those community geyser projects will be most shared on social media and therefore wider public exposure.

How does it work?

  • Advertising / branding plus a social component subsidizes the geyser partly or in full
  • Only new geysers can be branded
  • Minimum of 500 geysers per project
  • Geysers can be manufactured in the colour theme of your company (minimum 5000+)
  • You may add a variety of labels on different geysers (multiple products)
  • The area available for advertising is 70cm x 50cm.
  • You may buy the geysers at our discounted rates, add your branding and sell or hand them out yourself.
  • As SunGenius combines advertising / branding with corporate social responsibility, pricing can only be finalized once all factors have been considered.

As the SunGeyza™ is a personal household appliance, your brand will be well looked after

Doing more than just making money

Each bakery owner will become our representative
and solar expert for all these products
and appliances on your doorstep