SolaRusk – Creating rural small business entrepreneurs with solar baking

Rural small business entrepreneurs- Rural SMME Baking and drying rusks in a patio solar oven has become a very attractive small business solution. Many remote rural areas in the Northern Cape, Limpopo and other provinces have a massive need for rural entrepreneur and job creation. With an abundance of sunshine and a desperate need for extra […]

Plante slimmer as mense

Plante “weet” al van die begin af hoe om die sonenergie te gebruik om kos te maak – Voedsel vir hulself en vir mens en dier. Al wat die mens tot betreklik onlangs nog kon doen, was om die son te gebruik om sy nat klere droog te kry, droëvrugte te maak, sy vel op die […]

Solar oven on Wheels

If the Weber Braai had no wheels, how many would they have sold? As I have said on my About page, I became increasingly more impatient with poorly designed and inconvenient products. Even today, as I look at solar ovens and solar cookers worldwide, it is as if the penny has not dropped yet. Wheels […]

Solar cooking in rural Africa

For many years governments, NGO’s, companies and individuals dumped all sorts of cheap, flimsy and inconvenient solar and clean burning appliances on the African continent. After all these years very little can be shown as solar cooking and clean cooking is almost nonexistent in Africa and is far from becoming a new lifestyle. This does not […]

After hours solar cooking

The biggest challenge in solar cooking is to be able to cook after hours or in cloudy conditions. Solar cookers and ovens around the world focus on solar cooking while the sun is shining and have reached a high level of efficiency over the years. Experiments with molten salts, gravel and all sorts of heat […]